this is my page about Dubuque Iowa.

I do not live on a farm. I live in Dubuque, Iowa. It is a city. There is a farm in the city, but that doesn't count, because it is still a city and not a farm that I live in.

You can find it on a map if you can find Wisconsin and Illinois where they touch Iowa, on the Mississippi River.

No, it does not flood here. We are smart and we have a FLOODWALL.

It is not an exciting place to live, but we do have the shortest steepest outside elvevator in the whole world, and we once had the longest string of streetlights that were not mounted on solid poles in the whole world (something like 26). And we have the second steepest street in the USA. And our town is second in the whole world per capita beer consumption, second only to Munich, Germany.

There are probably a lot more crazy facts about Dubuque, but I do not know them, because it is not a very exciting place to live, as I mentioned previously. I met James Earl Jones when they were filming Field of Dreams here. They also filmed FIST here and Take This Job And Shove It and a Steve Martin movie that was dumb and made no money.

If you want to visit here, you can, but that doesn't mean I will hang out with you or anything.

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